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January 2018 Sunshine School Newsletter

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It’s winter and it’s cold outside.  This is just another reminder that we take our students outside to play every day as long as it isn’t raining. Be sure to send your child with a warm coat, as well as appropriate shoes and even mittens and a hat. We make it a priority to get outside, even if it is cold, and we want to ensure that your student is comfortable.

Inclement Weather Reminder: We always follow PPS when it comes to weather related closures. If they are closed, we will be as well. If they call for a 2-hour late start, we will open at 9am. During Christmas Break they are already closed so we will let you know of any decisions we make concerning the weather via voicemail. We will always change the Sunshine School voicemail to reflect these changes, so you can call the school if you are unsure.

Mark your calendar for a few special events the rest of this month and January:

School is Closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas on Monday and Tuesday, 12/25 and 12/26

Gold & Silver Day is on Thursday, 12/28

School is Closed for New Year’s Day on Monday, 1/1

Pajama Day is on Wednesday, 1/10: Students can wear PJ’s and slippers to school. Be sure to send a warm coat and weather-appropriate shoes for outside time!

White Day is on Wednesday, 1/17: Students should wear something white to school.

Immunization Reporting: We will be making our initial report to the Health Department in January. If your child is not currently up to date on the vaccine requirements, please schedule an appointment with a doctor and turn in a copy of their updated immunizations to Miranda by January 12th.

Pizzicato Day: We are partnering with Pizzicato’s “Dough for Dollars” for a fundraiser this month! The event will take place on Tuesday, January 23rd at the 6042 SE Division location (right down the street!). Sunshine School will receive a percent of all purchases made at the Pizzicato Division location that day. To participate, stop by Pizzicato for lunch, dinner, or to pick up a gift card to use later. The proceeds from this fundraiser will go toward funding our Single Parent Scholarships.

Valentine Raffle:  We are in the process of getting ready for another fundraiser: the Valentine Raffle! Like last year, families will get an opportunity to buy tickets during the month of February and will be entered for a number of prizes. The proceeds from this fundraiser will go into our Single Parent Scholarship fund. Though we are very excited for the raffle, we need your help. If you have ideas for raffle prizes, let us know! Prizes could be something donated by you, a connection you may have, or something you would just like to receive. All ideas are good ideas and we would love to hear if you have an idea or connection to make our event special.

Thank you all for your kind comments as I leave Sunshine School. It has been my honor to serve you and your students these last three plus years. I will miss you all.  It is always nice when one person leaves to be able to introduce the new person who will be starting. Aimee DeLap will be the new Director of Sunshine School. Aimee is highly qualified for this position, and comes to us with many years of experience in Children’s Ministry. Aimee graduated this year with her Master of Divinity degree and also holds a Bachelor Degree in English Literature. She has worked with children and youth oversees for several years, is certified to teach English as a second language, and can speak in several different languages. Aimee has experience working in childcare settings in the past and we are thrilled to have her here at Sunshine School!

Miranda will act as the Interim Director while Aimee trains and gets familiar with our school for the month of January. Aimee will start training with us on January 2nd and will float in classrooms to start out. Feel free to introduce yourself if you stop by the office or see her in a classroom in the coming weeks!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Linda Richardson

Sunshine School Director

503-775-1533, ext. 1

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